• Ping Ma (PI),  NIGMS R01GM122080 Statistical Approaches for Deciphering the Regulatory Role of Small RNAs on Alternative Splicing. 07/2016-06/2020 for $1,400,000.
  • Ping Ma (PI),  NSF DMS-1222718 Collaborative Research: ATD: Integrated statistical algorithms with ultra-high performance computing for discovering SNPs from massive next-generation metagenomic sequencing data. 09/2012-08/2016 for $850,000.
  •  Ping Ma (co-PI) NSF DMS-1228288 Collaborative Research: Leverage Subsampling for Regression and Dimension Reduction. 09/2012-0/8/2015 for $700,000.
  • Ping Ma (PI), NSF DMS-1055815. CAREER: Subsampling Methods in Statistical Modeling of Ultra-Large Sample Geophysics. 09/2011-08/2016 for $400,000.
  •  Ping Ma (co-PI), DOE, Methanogenic archaea and the global carbon cycle: a systems biology approach to the study of Methanosarcina species. 06/2010-05/2013 for $2,300,641.
  • Ping Ma (PI), NSF DMS-0800631 Statistical Approaches to Integration of Mass Spectral and Genomic Data of Yeast Histone Modifications. 06/2008-05/2012 for $590,000.
  • Ping Ma (PI), NSF DMS-0723759 CMG: Collaborative Research: Multi-Scale (Wave Equation) Tomographic Imaging with USArray Waveform Data. 09/2007-08/2010 for $ 21,259.
Awards and Honors
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